About me

13532809_1358550920828233_134049246244386531_nBorn in Kings Lynn, Norfolk in 1975, I had a fascination with drawing and painting from a very early age. I attended Falmouth College of Art where I was formally trained in illustration and I began painting professionally in 2010.

13466235_1356537227696269_3280134919625202860_nWhilst at art college I discovered Louis Meisel’s book ‘Photorealism’ in the library. As soon as I glanced through the pages I knew that this was a style of painting that I wanted to practice. From that point onwards I have been addicted to making detailed paintings that ‘trick’ the viewer into thinking that they are looking at a photograph. Detail has always been a part of my drawing and painting endeavours from an early age, where I favoured sharp coloured pencils to thick waxy crayons!

My aim is to provide the viewer with the opportunity to savour my subjects close up, enabling them to appreciate and find beauty in things in a way that they may not have previously noticed.

Working solely in oils, I continue to challenge myself both technically and compositionally with each successive painting in my quest for photorealism.